Simya VC Invests in Robolaunch – The Single Platform for AI and Robotics

We are proud to announce our investment in Robolaunch. Robolaunch is an Industrial 4.0 transformation startup that offers an industry cloud platform consolidating Industry 4.0 foundational technologies such as new AI/ML, Analytics, Human-Machine Interaction, and Advanced Engineering technologies. The Robolaunch Industry Cloud Platform is the vital link between industries and engineers, particularly in manufacturing and smart city applications.

The Potential of Innovation from Pain

Industry 4.0 is transforming industries and setting industry standards for the digital age. It represents huge potential for innovation in all industries, mainly through scientific applications. 

In the rapidly evolving environment of Industry 4.0, businesses face significant challenges in the product lifecycle while leveraging new AI/ML, Analytics, Human-Machine Interaction and Advanced Engineering technologies. Despite tremendous innovation potential, industries such as manufacturing face obstacles in seamlessly integrating and using these technologies. 

Studies on Industry 4.0 transformation efforts show that 80% of developed AI and robotics technology applications never make it to production due to a lack of integration between these technologies. The development efforts focus on specific technology layers independently rather than bringing an integrated approach. Therefore, integrating various pillars of Industry 4.0 applications is a pressing challenge for success.

Development on various layers of Industry 4.0 requires different skill sets. Integration can also refer to cooperation between different teams, relatively slow development cycles, and consolidation of vast amounts of data generated by many edge devices.

Robolaunch Facilitates Industry 4.0 Development Through Its Industry Cloud Platform

Robolaunch recognizes this pain point as a unique market opportunity. It addresses the critical need for seamless Industry 4.0 transformation by offering an industry cloud platform consolidating these foundational technologies. The Robolaunch platform allows engineering teams to access edge points for real-time artificial intelligence and robotics application development. This empowers organizations to produce tailored solutions faster than ever without extensive infrastructure or maintenance.

Robolaunch focuses on integrating the disconnected pillars within Industry 4.0 through the development cycle. These pillars hinder the digital transformation and productivity of various industries. The primary focus is bridging this gap with the Robolaunch Industry Cloud Platform.

The Robolaunch Industry Cloud Platform is a vital link between industries and engineers. Recognizing the vast amounts of data generated by edge devices such as robots, sensors, and cameras, the platform seamlessly integrates these devices. This integration empowers engineers to develop, deploy, and orchestrate AI and robotics software in time, whether in real-time or near-real time, leveraging the wealth of data they generate. By providing a unified platform for the entire AI and robotics software lifecycle, Robolaunch streamlines the development process and eliminates integration challenges, enabling enterprise engineering teams to create tailored solutions internally.

Robolaunch’s contribution to Industry 4.0 development efforts can be perceived from two different perspectives:

  • Team: Robolaunch Industry Cloud Platform enables development resources to access, analyze, and deploy AI and robotics applications in real-time coordination. Robolaunch empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their teams and drive tangible improvements in productivity and efficiency.
  • Product: Robolaunch helps organizations harness the power of technology to make informed decisions and optimize operations through integrated development.

Why Invest in Robolaunch?

Industry 4.0 is gaining momentum through AI/ML, IoT, and advanced engineering technologies. Businesses invest heavily in these technologies to optimize operations and connect data pillars. However, these increased efforts end up in failed projects due to a lack of development platforms that bring an integrated approach. Robolaunch is enjoying the momentum in Industry 4.0 transformation on the global scale.

Simya VC’s investment in Robolaunch aligns with its investment thesis of global potential, innovative technology, and a strong founding team. Robolaunch proves this alignment by having an innovative solution to a globally validated problem and facing limited competition. The most important criterion in our decision is the experienced founding team that was also accepted into the Alchemist Accelerator program. The founding team members are seasoned engineers with extensive experience leading defense and telco organizations. 

The founders, Mukremin Cetinkaya and Hidayet Tunc, possess all the skills and personal characteristics to make Robolaunch a global success.

Welcome to the Simya VC team, Robolaunch!