Simya VC’s Investment in Evercopy

We are proud and excited to announce our first investment at Simya VC! 

Evercopy is an AI-powered content creation tool capable of creating text, image, and video content for social media and marketing platforms. 

It’s the Right Time for AI-Powered Tools

Our investment at Evercopy comes at an opportune moment for AI-powered content platforms. AI is part of our daily lives now. AI technology is advancing quickly and becoming more popular with consumer-facing AI platforms like Chat-GPT. The hype around Chat-GPT and Generative AI picks up on the buzz around communities, making it increasingly popular every day and creating futuristic questions and concerns. 

Creating Content is a Capital Problem to Solve for AI

“Content is King” for marketers today. With the rise of social media, streaming services, and all other digital platforms, consumers expect and consume more content than ever. Creators must produce content as fast as consumers consume it. That’s why there is a need for speed and efficiency in content creation for marketers and businesses. 

User Generated Content is on the rise and preferred by brands now. Consumers perceive user-generated content as more natural and sincere by consumers, which is why it is consumed more. Standard content doesn’t satisfy consumers like before. It also doesn’t help businesses sell their products and services at satisfying levels or build the best brand image. Consumers expect much more personalized, creative, and sincere content from companies. Creating consistent content requires a high level of resources regarding time, capital, and skills.

Evercopy is the Answer to the Copy Problem

Evercopy utilizes AI to help businesses create unique, personalized marketing content with a high conversion rate. It saves time and resources for companies and also offers unlimited creativity and effective marketing efforts.

It includes deep learning algorithms to capture the latest market trends, learn brand essentials and target customer behavior. Then it helps businesses automatically apply market trends and marketing buzz and target customer preferences in content in the fastest and most efficient manner.

It is inevitable that Evercopy will disrupt the global market soon and will be an indispensable content creation tool not only for product and service-oriented businesses of all sizes but also for marketing agencies and copywriters.

Welcome to Simya VC portfolio, Evercopy!

Cagdas Yildiz

Managing Director, Simya VC