We’re an international accelerator fund for bold entrepreneurs eager to disrupt
About us


We’re an international accelerator fund for bold entrepreneurs eager to disrupt
About us
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Simya: Fast, Innovative, Transparent

Our mission is to help startups scale globally. That starts with innovative teams, fast-moving investors, critical mentorship, and a transparent investment process.

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Global launch with the world's best accelerator program, Alchemist Accelerator by the support of 27.000+ mentors.

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We make seed investments through a fast and transparent process.

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Access to the global market with the network of Simya and the Alchemist Accelerator.

About us

Simya VC aims to be the leading seed-stage investor in the ecosystem. How will it get there? Through 212’s investment know-how, Alchemist’s international network and Neo Portfoy’s infrastructure.

Our investment process is fast and transparent.

This fund is for early-stage and B2B startups

Simya is supported by The Alchemist Accelerator

The fund offers mentorship, network support to reach an international audience, and growth and investment advice.

Simya VC Team

Simya VC’s experienced team supports early stage startups.

Çağdaş Yıldız

Managing Partner

Selma Bahçıvanoğlu

Managing Partner


More Information on Simya VC’s Portfolio
Evercopy is an AI-powered content creation tool capable of creating text, image, and video content for social media and marketing platforms.
Werover produces solutions for the digitalization of renewable energy through artificial intelligence and IoT.
Syntonym is a generative AI startup that anonymizes faces in videos and images in real-time for privacy purposes.
Juphy is an AI-based B2B SaaS startup enabling e-commerce companies to provide effective customer support on their social media channels.
Agrotics is a SaaS-based Agtech platform that runs as a growers’ virtual assistant.
B2metric is an AI-based data analytics startup that focuses on predictive analytics of customer journeys.
PhiTech is an AI startup and clinical decision support system based on RNA for rare diseases.
Robolaunch is a Cloud Robotics Platform that provides end-to-end infrastructure, software stack and tools to develop, deploy and manage ROS/2 based applications.


We are much stronger with our partners!


212 finances B2B technology solutions that have achieved a clear fit between product and market and are ready for global growth.

Alchemist Accelerator

Alchemist is an international accelerator founded in San Francisco in 2012. It supports early stage startups by finding solutions for corporate customers (B2B) and helping them expand into international markets and secure investment.

Neo Portföy

Founded in 2018 by a team of experienced professionals, Neo Portfolio is an independent portfolio management company subject to the regulation and control of the Turkish Capital Markets Board.

Our Investors

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For more detailed information about Simya VC
212, in collaboration with Alchemist Accelerator, launched Simya as an international accelerator fund. Intended to focus on earlier-stage B2B technology startups, Simya supports companies from day one through a fast and transparent investment process that includes mentorship, guidance, and access to global networks.
Simya is interested in startups that have launched a minimum viable product that has proven customer value and that is driving in revenue. We’re looking for startups that are addressing global challenges, that have figured out how to drive recurring revenue, and that have the potential for global expansion.
Simya VC provides investment capital, mentorship and network support to early stage startups, with an eye to grow globally. Alchemist Accelerator is a key partner, helping startups go global.
You can review the term sheet we offer here. Like everything in life, this is not static. The term sheet may change based on current and projected conditions, both in the market and with the startup.
Alchemist Accelerator is Simya VC’s accelerator program partner. Startups that apply to Simya don’t have to apply for Alchemist. They will be referred to Alchemist along Simya’s investment process.


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